xRay Texture Pack

This amazing resource pack will give you lots of freedom while playing the game and you will get enhanced night vision features. Apart from that, it will expose the contents of each block in an open way and you will benefit a lot when you want to find ores and minerals in the game. The Minecraft texture packs will also help you to stay away from potential danger as you can clearly see the dimension of each block and its content even before you step on it. You can also see water clearly in the dark which is a big advantage for the gamers.

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Various features of X-Ray Pack

  • It can normally be difficult to locate ores when they are not in an open space.
  • You will notice that they are many times embedded in stones and you will have to break each one of them to find the ores.
  • However, this pack makes it very easy for you and you can easily see through the stones without any problem.
  • In this way, you will be able to easily mine the ores and minerals from any location.
  • There is no need to use this pack throughout the game and you can easily turn it on to give you an XRay vision whenever you need it.
  • It will be exclusively beneficial during the night time as you can easily spot dangerous blocks even before you go near them.
  • This will help you to move ahead in the game easily without getting injured.
  • Also the additional features in the pack enable you to spot many benefits and you will be able to improve your score without any problem.
  • You can easily use this pack in your game and get to see the huge difference it makes to the overall game.
  • When everything is crystal clear, you will have an edge over your competitors and it will become difficult to stop you in this game.
  • You can also modify some blocks to suit your style of playing and some people do not use this night vision for the grass.
  • This will give them a fair idea about the ores and minerals hidden in stones that can be easily mined without any hassles.

As you can clearly see in the picture, the ores are hidden only in few stone blocks and the rest of them do not contain anything useful. You can also notice the orange colored blocks indicating the presence of some ores in the blocks. The stones having red dots inside contain precious things and you can mine them for future use in the game. Without using this vision, you will be left with no option but to open all stones to see the contents. This will put unnecessary burden on your resources and you will also be spending a lot of time in this manner. However, you can now clearly see the red dots and mine only those stones to pick up useful materials.
See Mobspawner with xray texture pack

Xray Ultimate is a perfect texture pack

This is the perfect example of the night vision feature of this pack. You can clearly see the vegetation in yellow color and the wooden blocks in the border of the vegetation. Apart from that, the green checks in the ground indicate solid area and you can easily walk on the surface without any problem. There is no risk of any hidden danger when you have such clear vision in the dark. The green vegetation in the middle looks like some plants and you can also notice the various blocks in the far end of this picture. You can also notice a person in purple color standing in the garden and this will help you identify the location and spot any harmful elements even during the night time.

The night view of the building in special vision gives you the complete information about the surrounding area. You can see the red colored candies in the middle and there are blue colored flowers next to it. The colors may appear differently during the daytime and this change is due to the night vision effect used in the pack. The house also has light in the entrance area and you can see a row of glass windows that will give you a glimpse of the house. You can also notice some trees in the main entrance and there is a huge box that is having a steel frame in the middle. You can also notice a mob in yellow color on the left side of the building and the night vision will alert you about such things even before you enter the space.
Xray Texture Pack Ultimate Ores

Night vision with Xray

This is the best example of a night vision feature and you can clearly see the blocks of vegetation even in the dark. The square blocks on the ground indicate the areas which are safe for your movement and you can easily see through the contents of each block with this special xray resource pack. The dangerous TNT is in the middle and you can easily calculate the effect without getting anywhere near the object. It is laid on a track and you can see it being moved to a different location. You can also notice the vegetation in different blocks and this will make it easy for you to identify any threats in the location. You can safely avoid the danger zone and move in designated blocks that will not cause you any harm. The tracks are also clearly visible and you can see the wooden blocks supporting the tracks in a uniform pattern. The TNT material is also secured in a concrete block and you can even see the marking on the object. With the help of this pack, you can identify such dangers even during the night time and this will improve your chances of surviving in the game for a long duration. As you can see, there is some light visible at the end of the vegetation and this gives you an indication of the overall surrounding region.

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