Soartex Invictus Texture Pack

Are you looking for a texture pack that will give more definition and refinement to the popular Soartex resource pack for Minecraft? Do you want to enjoy the best of what Minecraft has to offer in a completely new and attractive looking game play environment? Well, the Soartex Invictus is a new resource pack on offer that will take the already popular Soartex texture pack to a new level. This is a continuation of the good old Soartex texture pack made by Soar49.

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Makes Soartex Texture Pack Even More Refined

This is a high definition 64x graphics resolution replacement pack for Minecraft that will offer a better and immersive game play. All the items, blocks and weapons have undergone a facelift and will look more realistic and attractive in this pack. There has been great detailing given to every element in the game to make it more realistic and lively. By downloading this new texture pack, you are sure to enjoy Minecraft in a totally different perspective and outlook. This pack is sure to keep you glued onto your computer screen for long.

What is on offer?

The Soartex Invictus is designed to offer a crisp feel to the Minecraft world. This texture pack is developed by Goldbattle and Shoeboxam. The base textures offered in Soartex get a facelift and redefinition in the Soartex Invictus texture pack. The distracting elements in the Soartex are all addressed in this pack and this way you are sure to enjoy a better game play. There will be no dull moments when you play this texture pack and you will find that the Minecraft game is on a totally different playing field. There will be vast changes that you will see in the texture and the color of the foliage and the flowers of the Minecraft world when you try out the Soartex and the Soartex Invictus versions side by side.

The depth of colors is enhanced in the Invictus and therefore you will find the foliage to be attractive, more real and pleasing to the eyes. There is no replacement of the flower textures on offer in the Soartex Invictus and all it does is to improve the textures. Similarly, you will not see any changes to the blocks used in the Soartex Invictus texture pack and the difference will be that the blocks get better detailing, color and hence look more real than before. There is emphasis given to aliasing reduction for the bigger builds, change in the color depth of foliage, and block models, built in shaders and optimization of mipmapping.

Features of Soartex Invictus

Some of the most attractive features of the Soartex Invictus texture pack that makes it one of the most downloaded packs for Minecraft are:

  • There are no modifications or replacements made in the Soartex Invictus texture pack and this is a blessing for all the diehard fans of the Soartex texture pack. They will see all the good old flowers, items, blocks and buildings in this pack too, but with better texture, color and detailing.
  • There is no way any flower textures are replaced in this pack and the only changes made to the flowers and the foliage is the upping of the resolution to a 64x high definition that gives distinct clarity to every item, flower, and the block in the game. This means that the textures are 4 times more detailed than what you have been used to in vanilla Minecraft.
  • The level of detailing will take you by surprise if you are not used to playing the game with any resource packs earlier.
  • All the items, blocks, flowers, night sky, flora and the animals in this pack are well-drawn, neat, clean and impeccable. You will find lots of refinement and improvement throughout the Minecraft world. You will love this new look of the good old Minecraft game and thereby you will start to enjoy spending more hours playing the game.
  • No matter it is the anvils, windows, enchanting tables, weapons, armor, etc., every aspect and texture of Minecraft are touched by this resource pack and now looks more clear, neat and distinct.
  • Apart from the new blocks, there are also a few new sounds added in the Soartex Invictus texture pack to make players to stay longer in the game.


The Soartex Invictus resource pack is just an HD replacement for the good old Soartex pack and it is offered in 64x HD resolution. There is a strong emphasis on offering clean HD textures with minimal detailing so that everything looks neat and clean in the Minecraft world. There is nothing that is overdone in this HD texture pack and hence you will not find anything shoddy or muddy in this pack. This pack is just a continuation of the Soartex pack and hence is designed to give a better game play experience for the new generation. There are thousands of textures added to the pack to make it look more realistic

Download Soartex Invictus Texture Pack

Download the Soartex Invictus Texture Pack resource pack

Download: Soartex Invictus Texture Pack