Soartex Fanver Texture Pack

If you are bored seeing the good old Minecraft on your screens, then why not download the latest Soartex Fanver resource pack and change the entire look and aesthetic appeal of Minecraft. By using this contemporary 64x resource pack, you will start to love the Minecraft game even more and there is no doubt that you will love to play the game for hours at one go. There have been constant upgrades on this resource pack to make it exciting for the Minecraft players. It was first created by Soar49 and the texture pack brings to life some of the blocks and other images in the Minecraft world. The fans have tirelessly worked on the texture pack and have been updating it regularly over the years to give something fresh and new for the players. This is why the Soartex Fanver 64x resource pack is one of the most downloaded packs.

About Soartex Fanver

Soartex is a contemporary art style pack for Minecraft and it has two official continuations in the form of Fanver and Invictus. The Fanver is a community continuation of the popular Soartex resource pack made by Soar49. The fans are given full liberty to contribute their thoughts and ideas through the Fanver community forum. The changes made to the textures are all fan based and this is why most of the Minecraft players have taken a liking to every update that is provided in the Soartex Fanver texture pack. The graphic designers will review the contributions that the fans make and they make the necessary recommendations and inputs to get the best update contents. Fanver has just a few alterations made to the original work by Soar49. The textures on offer are smooth and clean and are designed keeping the smallest detail in mind. This is why the items in the game look real and organic and not looks like a cartoon.

Features of Soartex Fanver

  • All the original textures of the Soartex Fanver that was created by Soar49 are still maintained in the pack and only a few alterations are made to it. This gives it a smooth and clean look.
  • The textures are originally designed in 64x resolution and hence they will not look at its best when they are resized or changed to higher resolution.  This means that people with low end computers can also enjoy using this pack.
  • There are many new blocks added to the Fanver version by fans to make it more appealing and attractive. Some of the new blocks include:
  1. Observer blocks (front, back and backlit).
  2. Shulker box with various colors (blue, pink, orange, lime, purple, red, white, silver, cyan, brown).
  • The graphics update has given a refreshing look to this pack and it looks, a truly HD texture pack with all items in the game looking real. The blocks look like they are real and natural.
  • Everything has shadows now, and this makes it realistic.
  • There are sheep and dragon textures added to the pack to offer more for the players.
  • The trees, grasses and the plants have all had updates and look more realistic and attractive. They have green variant all over them to help players to easily differentiate one plant from the other. All the plants with flowers carry distinct and evident flower color like red, yellow, pink, etc.
  • In the night mode, the half moon and the full moon light up the dark sky and there are plenty of stars also visible in the sky.
  • Some of the new attractions that are added to the realistic texture pack of Soartex Fanver are: weapons, armor, interesting mobs like pigs, cows, slimes, water, particles, snow, etc.
  • All the buildings on offer in this texture pack look real and are very attractive to the eye. The interiors of the building are done up nicely with a lot of woodwork and flooring.
  • The natural ores like diamond, gold, etc., are clean and nicely cut and have well-pixilated edges.
  • The TNT, Redstone repeater and pistons look realistic in the Redstone mechanics world.
  • All the spawn are pretty interesting like spiders, villager, horse, etc., look more realistic with sound effects.
  • The stone weapons look just like weapons carved out of natural stone and similar the iron weapons.
  • The water on offer in this texture pack looks more or less realistic and varies in colors of blue depending on the exposure to sun and shade.
  • There are also attractive golden tools, bow, and arrow, fishing rods, compass, that looks more or less closer to real ones. This makes this texture pack a favorite as it offers more realistic images.

With so much of things and real like objects, mobs, blocks, weapons and much more on offer, there is no doubt that the Soartex Fanver texture pack is sure to impress you all ends up and give a whole new definition and realistic look to Minecraft.

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Download the Soartex Fanver Texture Pack resource pack

Download: Soartex Fanver Texture Pack