Smoothic Texture Pack

This amazing resource pack will give a smooth texture throughout the game and you will notice that the pictures look more realistic than before. Usually, the one big complaint many people have about the game is that it looks like boxes laid on top of another for every frame and carries an artificial look. However, by using the Smoothic texture pack, you can get a smooth frame and even the colors will look better when the quality of the textures improves in the frames.

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Various features of Smoothic pack

  • When you use this pack, you can notice that the texture becomes very smooth and you can expect better colors for all the scenes.
  • Other than that, you will notice that the trees and grass will be easily visible as distinct objects with the usage of this pack.
  • Otherwise, everything appears like green blocks and you will not be able to clearly make out the difference between different objects.
  • Even the animals like cows and pigs can be easily recognized and they will appear more realistic than before.
  • In this regard, Smoothic resource pack is one of the most essential packs that will make your game more interesting and enjoyable.
  • You will also observe that the colors appear brighter when you use this pack and you can also notice a consistency in the overall appearance of various objects.

Smoothic Texture Pack house
If you notice the house, you can see that it has a uniform appeal in terms of color and shading and this is the effect of using the pack. Also observe the grass and small plants grown on top of it. Normally, it becomes difficult to distinguish between them and using the pack enables you to see everything clearly. You can even observe the flowers having a round shape rather than looking like a square block. In this regard, the entire game gets a very realistic appeal and you will enjoy the game like never before.

Smoothen The Textures In Minecraft

All blocks of Smoothic Texture PackYou can never imagine getting the perfect shadow for the turtle in this manner unless you use Smoothic texture pack. Also see the vibrant color blocks next to the swimming pool and this is one more specialty of this resource pack. The flowers on the lawn also seem very clear and this gives a realistic appeal to the entire scene. In the background, there are many trees and a huge wall which looks like a fort.

Smoothic Texture Pack foothillsThis amazing house located in the foothills is looking amazing with the usage of Smoothic resource pack. You can also notice the trees appear very sharp and have a more rounded structure which makes it look very real. Otherwise, most of the time, it looks like they are made of square blocks. The pathway leading to the home is also having a shadow of another tree that is not visible in the picture. You can also notice the red colored flowers along with yellow colored flowers in the lawn.

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