R3D Craft Texture Pack

Are you looking at a resource pack for Minecraft that does not make any changes to the textures or the items to that of the standard pack? Do you want to make your Minecraft world look more real and believable, so that you get pulled into playing the game for longer hours? Well. The R3D Craft resource pack is the best pack you can download and install on your computers to enjoy the Minecraft world in a better way.

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Makes Minecraft Word Realistic And Believable

This pack does not make any changes to the blocks or items that are seen in the Minecraft game and it also does not create any new textures. All it does is to give more shape, sharpness and smoothing to the right edges of the blocks to make it look vibrant and attractive. The pack gives the Minecraft game a complete facelift and drives you to stay hooked onto the game for more hours than usual. With the boost to the textures in the game, now dirt looks more like dirt and not like a brown box. The stones look more or less like the real one and it also helps the players to identify blocks, ores, items, mobs and various floras easily than before.

More about R3D Craft

The best thing about the R3D Craft resource pack is that it comes in a wide range of packages to suit various Minecraft layers. For players using low-end computers, there is a 32x variety on offer. The resolution of the R3D craft resource pack goes up to 512x and this suit high-end computers. This is an HD resource pack where all items and blocks seem very realistic and are very smooth and clear. The pack gets better and better as you choose a higher resolution and there are two sets on offer: smooth realism mode and default realism mode. The good thing about R3D Craft is that it looks like it has 10 different resource packs packed into one pack.

Features of R3D Craft pack

The impressive features of the R3D Craft resource pack are as follows:

  • The moon and the sun get the definite round shape and the right color in the R3D Craft than what you come across in the default Minecraft. They look more real than before.
  • The cobblestones now look more or less the mass of rocks and mortar and do not just look like a lump.
  • The R3D Craft pack is offered in two categories: smooth realism and default realism. The fact that the pack comes in multiple resolutions are not a common feature that you will find with many of the other Minecraft resource packs.
  • There is a total modification to the default texture quality that is offered in the standard Minecraft game. Apart from the textures, the pack also offers shadows, lighting, certain other missing details; smooth shapes and color transitions that make the game more interesting and pleasing to the eyes.
  • Cut the trees for crafting and you will get the wood blocks with definite grains. You will feel as if you are chopping down real wood.
  • Use the ax to cut blocks in the water and you will see water bubbles to pop up making it look more realistic. The water is crystal clear and you will also see the swaying of the trees and the leaves in the Minecraft world.
  • The grass blocks have an addition of dirt to it to make it look real and also have a distinct green tinge on top of it.
  • The GUI for the furnace is very smooth and different from the normal furnace. The TNT is a red block and can be easily noticed from far off.
  • All the armors and the weapons look like real ones, and hence you will be able to differentiate one from the other without any problems.
  • The eggs get smooth edges and a nice shade and can be spotted from far away as well.
  • The Redstone has a good texture and a lot of depth. It will show where the pieces can go in and also the pieces will fit in the gaps a lot better.
  • The buildings look more or less like real ones with good glass panels.
  • There is an update to the stone blocks and the dirt blocks and this makes the mountains look very pretty than before from above.
  • In the smooth realism world, you will see all blocks and items to have a bit more three dimensional detail than the default realism world.
  • There is a lot of shattering seen on the ores to make it look more 3D.
  • The logs get inner circles and grains in both the default and smooth realism forests.

With so many texture variations and updates given to each and every item and block seen in the standard Minecraft version, there is no doubt that the R3D Craft resource pack is worth trying out to liven up the game.

Download R3D Craft Texture Pack

Download the R3D Craft Texture Pack resource pack

Download: R3D Craft Texture Pack