PewDiePack Texture Pack

PewDiePack Resource Pack
PewDiePack Resource Pack

An official resource pack from the awesome, well-known YouTube-star “PewDiePie” (channel on YouTube)? Not quite. “The PewDiePack” is a big fan project (link to the website), fans who love PewDiePie and have turned his “style” into a full textures pack.

The resource pack currently includes the following features and is compatible with Minecraft 1.14:

  • Custom splashes, logo and background
  • All images replaced by fan art from the Reddit community (full credits given)
  • Dogs are getting an “dog armor”, as requested by Felix in LWIAY
  • A new Bro-Fist banner
  • The message “Game won” was slightly changed to make a reference to PewDiePie
  • Enhanced in-game text that is more than what is shown below
  • A special wave-creeper
  • New audio for the in-game music discs
  • Hatching eggs replaced by “Bucket Of Mob”, breeding buckets, so to say
  • Zombies get the Sven merchandise logo on the back of their shirt
  • Iron golems become “stonemasons”
  • Cats are getting an “cat armor”
  • The symbols of the “hunger bar” are changed to watermelons
  • The xp bar has a blue and yellow pattern
  • The PewDiePie wave is now on a banner
  • Bro-Fist beds
  • barrels become “evil”
  • G-fuel replaces potions
  • Ikea storage device
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Gucci armor
  • Vox employees become Pillagers
  • Wavy trap-chests
  • Wavy inventory

To give you further introduction to this resource pack, watch a detailed YouTube video by Ewan Howell:

The best way to get an impression of the PewDiePack Texture Pack is to watch the full video. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We recommend that you join the Discord server of “The PewDiePack Team“:

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