Ozone Resources Texture Pack

The Ozone resources are a texture pack made for the Project Ozone. The resource pack for Project Ozone is designed by the Cazador Sniper. This pack will give a totally new dimension and look for the Project Ocean game. It will change the way you look and play the Minecraft game and there will be more detailing given to the objects and items in the game. It is a texture pack that is built for anyone who likes to be conquered. It can be used with other resource packs and will not cause any issues when you play the Minecraft game. The blocks and the other items in the pack carry a perfect detailing and will drive you to play the game for a longer period. The look of the game will get totally transformed once the Ozone resource pack is downloaded and installed on your computer.

About Ozone Resources

The Ozone resource pack is offered for a resolution of 512x or higher. With such high resolution, you are sure to enjoy quality detailing of the blocks and items used in the game. They will look more or less like real objects and blocks and this will give you a refreshing Minecraft game play experience. This is a texture pack that will give you a different kind of texture in the Minecraft texture pack and some of the items are named after the moderators. This is a really interesting thing about the Ozone resource pack that is exclusively designed for the Project Ozone game. The texture pack is so designed that it will easily grab the attention of avid Minecraft game lovers. If you are looking for one resource pack that makes you go wow, then the Ozone resource pack is the one. There is no need for one to spend a lot of time assembling the textures. It is a thing of the past if you have the Ozone resources pack installed on your computer.

Features offered on the Ozone Resources

The following are some of the impressive features that are offered on the Ozone resource for Project Ozone game on Minecraft.

  • The blocks get a major facelift in this resource pack and will look totally different from what is offered in the normal game. There are a wide variety of blocks offered in the pack and they come in bright and attractive colors that are pleasing to the eyes. They can also be easily spotted from far off.
  • The detailed blocks in the resource pack also get a distinct name. The red blocks are known as the Netherrack and are found in the nether world. The pink blocks that are seen in the pack are called the nether bricks. The blue blocks are called the Lapis Lazuli and the TNT gets yellow color and hence can be easily identified from a distance.
  • The chisel blocks offered in the Ozone resources are completely different and get a total makeover from what you have been seeing in the other packs. You will be excited to see the chisel blocks in a different outlook and the most popular among the chisel blocks is the fancy stone, brick chisel blocks that have the image of ogaSexy on them.
  • The new images will tempt you to play the game for longer hours without any breaks. The pack offers immersive game play and with new blocks and colors on them, the Project ozone will never be the same again.
  • There are some episodes where you will find the appearance of the rainbow in the clear blue sky. The rainbow will look just like it is out of the real world and you will be able to spot many of the vibrant rainbow colors.
  • A lot of changes have been made to the wood, blocks, items, tools, weapon and armor in the Ocean resources and you will love every change that is made to the pack.
  • As it is offered in 512x or higher resolution, you will enjoy the detailing that every block or item in the game gets. This means that the blocks and items will be close to real ones and hence identifying them will not be an issue like before.
  • The detailing that the sky, weapons made using stone, metal, gold and diamond, the grass texture, the plants and its flowers, etc., gets make you feel as if you are in the real world.


The Ozone resources is a well crafted and designed resource pack that is specially made for Project Ozone, but can also work for other packs. With a resolution of 512x, all items and blocks are neat and clear and look pleasing to the eyes. Download this resource pack and get into the realistic world of Minecraft. It will keep you glued on to the game for long and you will be able to easily assemble the textures.

Download Ozone Resources Texture Pack

Download the Ozone Resources Texture Pack resource pack

Download: Ozone Resources Texture Pack