Firewolf Texture Pack

Are you looking for a resource pack that makes the Minecraft world look more realistic with smooth and clean textures? Do you want to see all the blocks and items in the Minecraft game look better and also enjoy the game in better resolution? Well, the best resource pack you can try out to enhance the game play and to enjoy better detailing and visibility of the blocks and items in the game is the Firewolf resource pack.

The pack got nothing to do with fire and all it does is to make most of the blocks in the Minecraft game come to live and look better. This will drive you to play the game for longer hours and spotting the blocks from a distance will not be an issue like before. The best part is that this resource pack is offered in 128×128 resolutions and hence this is a high-definition resource pack. As the textures are simple, clean and neat, they will suit any style of game play. This is why the Firewolf resource pack is a hot favorite among many of the Minecraft enthusiasts.

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What more does Firewolf offer?

The most important thing about the Firewolf resource pack is that it does not move away from the vanilla Minecraft game. It is more or less like the original Minecraft game and therefore people who are in awe with the vanilla Minecraft game will love to play this version of the game as well. The textures in the Firewolf resource pack are sharper and smoother than what you will find in the old version of Minecraft game. Once you start playing the game using this pack, then you will not want to move back to the vanilla version. Apart from the realistic look to Minecraft, one more interesting thing that will impress you all ends up is that the game has an RPG feeling to it.
Firewolf Texture Pack features

This will interest all gaming enthusiasts who love the role playing games. There are many three-dimensional additions also in place in the Firewolf pack that will impress every gamer, young and old.

Features of Firewolf Resource Pack

There are many texture changes that are offered in the Firewolf texture pack for Minecraft to make it more visually attractive and also to improve the game play. Some of the interesting features offered in Firewolf are:

  • There is a lot of greenery in the pack that looks very attractive in high resolution. The texture of the grass looks most colorful, real and vibrant. It is not just the grass, but the trees, plants, flowers, etc., all look realistic and therefore you will enjoy every bit of greenery that is on offer in the pack.
    Firewolf Texture Pack Trees
  • The various kinds of bricks in the pack like sandstones or the stone bricks look just like the real building bricks. This way the buildings made out of these stones look just like real buildings. They also get the 3D effect.
    Firewolf Models
  • With this pack, you will see a shadow effect of most of the items, blocks, buildings, etc., on the screen.
  • There are many unique 3D models on offer in the Firewolf pack like doors, sugarcane, torches, solar panels as daylight sensors, rails, etc.
  • All the textures are sharp, smooth and clean to enhance the look of the game and to help players to easily find out the various types of blocks, bricks, ores, etc., from a distance.
  • The iron, diamond and gold ores are very neat, sharp and clear and are also real. It is not just with the ores, any block or item that you choose in the pack; you will find it to more or less resemble the real item.
  • The hostile mobs offered in the pack are just similar to the ones that you find in the standard game and the only difference is that they are given better sharpness and texture.
  • The item bar gets an update and now looks better.
  • Some of the additions made to the pack are: creative mode GUI, shadow effects, health icons, 3D iron bars, Redstone lamp texture, armor icons and hunger icons.
  • The cobblestones come with different shadings and elevations to make the stone look realistic.
  • The diamond sword has a sharp tapered front and is blue in color. The gold sword gets a golden look and the iron sword has a rustic iron look to it. All the swords carry great detailing and look close to the real ones.

There is no doubt that the Firewolf resource pack is a very useful pack to use by all the diehard fans of the vanilla Minecraft version. There are not many changes brought to the look and feel of the game and the only difference is that all the textures are sharper and smoother and look realistic. Also, with textures offered in HD resolution, playing the good old Minecraft game will never be the same again.

Download Firewolf Texture Pack

Download the Firewolf Texture Pack resource pack

Download: Firewolf Texture Pack