Faithful 64×64 Texture Pack

The Faithful 64X64 resource pack will definitely take the game to the next level with its high definition visuals. You will notice that all the images become very clear and this is something that many gamers have been waiting to see for ages. Even though Minecraft texture packs take more resource from your computer, you will be happy with the overall appearance of the game. The pack is also called double resolution pack as it drastically improves the overall picture quality of the game.

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Various features of Faithful 64X64 Resource pack

  • Every Minecraft gamer likes to have a smooth resolution for the game and Faithful 64×64 texture pack comes as a boon for such players.
  • It will completely transform the overall experience of playing the game and make it seem like the HD version of the game.
  • In the technical sense, even though this is not a complete HD, it gives a feel of a high definition game.
  • Certainly, this is the best you can get from Minecraft in terms of high resolution.
  • It will easily work on most computers and you should not have any problems with the updated resolution.
  • You can get to see crystal clear images and everything will appear very sharp for the users.
  • Apart from that, you will be able to easily identify the details in a better manner which is very useful when you are playing the game.
  • Even the artistic appeal will improve by a huge margin as you can get to see the things in a clear manner.
  • The smooth finish is something you will not find in other versions of the game and this is what stops many people from enjoying the game in the long run.
  • It is designed in a proper manner so that there is uniformity in the overall appearance of the game.
  • It will easily double the resolution of the original version and you will be able to get a detailed view of every object in the game.

Improved Resolution (64px) Pack For Minecraft

Wildnis with Faithful 64x pack
The lush green field is very sharp in appearance and you can even get to see the difference between the grass and the trees without any problem. This is possible due to the upgraded resolution of this pack and you will get to thoroughly enjoy the game in high definition. You can also notice the other mods in the options window and it is possible to choose the best one according to your requirement. There are many shades of the same green color in the picture and this will give a realistic feel to the entire scene. Faithful 64×64 pack improves the overall appearance of the images and the blue sky on top contrasts the entire lush green outfield in the picture.
Top view of a living space with Faithful 64x64
This looks like the top view of the outfield and you can see the lush green grass cover along with the water source in blue color. The Faithful 64×64 resource pack makes it easy to see the objects in high resolution which is a good advantage for users to get the detailed aspects of any location. It is possible to see many shades of green in the picture and you will also notice many blocks marked with special images indicating the materials inside the blocks. The green blocks in the middle that have stripes of dark color looks like watermelon which the users can get to enjoy during the game. Apart from that, you can also notice on the right side the arms blocks and each weapon is indicated in the block. If you have access to these powers, you can choose the weapon of your choice and use them during the game. This will make it easy for users to get to know the contents of the blocks from a long distance. It is also useful when you have to avoid any mob as you can clearly see what they are holding from a distance due to the enhanced resolution of the game.
Faithful 64x Pack with shaders mod
You can never get to see a better picture than this of the corn field in the Minecraft game. The crystal clear images show the beautifully grown corn in dark yellow color and you can even see the light green colored stems of the plant. Everything is grown in a neat row and this makes it easy for harvesting in a later stage of the game. Apart from that, you can also notice the mango trees on the outer side of the field and the images appear very sharp because of the new pack that enhances the resolution of the game by a huge margin. The sky appears in pale blue color indicating the time of the day and you can also see other trees in the background. Some mobs appearing on the field look very friendly and they will not cause any harm to the users. They are likely to be the local farmers and you can even do business with them in the game.
House interior built with Faithful 64x64 texturepack
The amazing high resolution Faithful 64×64 texture pack does wonders even in the indoor areas and you can see the crystal clear image of the beautiful home, compared to the Faithful 32×32. The best part of the picture is the fire and you can clearly see the flame unlike other versions. The flame appears very smooth and you can easily distinguish it from the wooden logs that are burning in the pit. The block next to it has a few books in various colors and the entire scene looks very attractive due to the unique wooden flooring and amazing designs. The images outside the home can be seen through the little window in the middle and you can see the tree along with the beautiful blue sky from the window. On the left side of the image is the door made with a wooden frame and it has a glass window on the top making it easy for you to get a clear view of the outside world. You can also notice the amazing design on the end of the wall that gives it a natural and realistic appeal.

Download Faithful 64×64 Texture Pack

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