Faithful 32×32 Texture Pack

The Faithful 32×32 resource pack stays true to its name and does not alter any of the visuals of the original version. The only thing Minecraft texture packs make is to make them appear in a better resolution, which is double of what the original version offers. In this way, the users can get to enjoy the game in high definition, and this is a welcome change for people who have been playing this game for a long time. You can now clearly see the objects and it will also help you in many situations to identify dangerous mobs from a far distance. In this manner, your chances of survival in the game increases by a huge margin and users will be very happy to install Faithful 32×32.

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Various features of Faithful 32X32 pack

  • It gives a smooth finish to the game and you will love to see the scenic beauty in the best possible resolution.
  • It will not put unnecessary load on your computer due to the increased resolution and you can comfortably play it without any problem.
  • The smooth finish to the objects will be the main highlight of the pack and most users will not have any issues with Faithful 32×32 resource pack.
  • However, you can use the original version if you are not able to tolerate the high resolution of the flames.
  • This is not a problem for most users and they will get to enjoy high definition visuals of the various objects.
  • Faithful 32×32 is a good option when you are hunting for treasure as you can clearly see the objects from a distance and you will be able to identify any threats surrounding the area.
  • This is also very useful when you are moving around the game in the night time and the high definition visuals will make it easy for you to spot any mobs coming ahead.
  • The overall features of Faithful 32X32 texture pack will impress you to the core and you can easily use them on most versions of the game without any hassles.

Faithful 32x32 Logo

As you can clearly see in the picture, the house has a beautiful pathway that is having properly laid stones and even the house is built with the same blocks for the majority of the portion. Apart from that, you can also see the wooden finishing in the entrance area which highlights the entire space. The house also has steps in the entrance region and you can even see plants, hanging from the rooftop of the house. The entire pathway is laid in similar format and you can see the compound wall separating the plants from the pathway. The plants are on the right side of the picture and you can see them growing in a planned format. In the same way, you can see large trees on the extreme right side of the picture and the blue sky on the top compliments the entire look of the area. You can also notice other houses on the left side of the pathway and it looks like a well planned colony in the game.

Faithful 32px Armor Stands

This is the backside of the house and it has a beautiful garden that is planned in a proper manner. The entire house is built in stone blocks and has a unique design that looks very appealing. Along with that, the plants hanging in a neat row from the rooftop make it even more attractive. The garden is planned in nice blocks and you can see the green grass on the bottom of the entrance area. There appears to be a swimming pool in blue color on the left side of the picture and this is a nice way to relax during the game. The high walls on the front side and the large trees in the outside area look very clear and the images look very realistic due to the enhanced resolution of the game. You can even get a glimpse of the blue sky in the top of the picture indicating that it is still having sunlight.

Faithful 32X32 Village

The beautiful scenic view of the waterfront and the mountains make this a wonderful picture. You can also notice the sword on the right side and you can choose from various options depending on the level of game you are playing at the moment. Notice the clear color tone of the floor and it indicates the high resolution capability of Faithful 32×32. The compound wall is built with strong blocks of wood and this gives a natural appearance to the waterfront area. The water is indicated in blue color and you can also see a huge mountain in the picture. The mountain has trees all over and you can see them even on the right side of the waterfront area. The water looks very calm and it is still daytime going from the clear blue sky in the background. You can also see various other food items in the menu window and users can choose anything depending on their available points in the game.

Faithful 32x32 Ores

Faithful with 32px, worth?

The amazing waterfront location looks like a setting on the beach and you can even notice a table like arrangement in the picture. The table is well decorated with flowers and the red rose is the main highlight of this picture. Along with that you can also see some items in yellow color in the picture. The compound wall is built of solid stone and you will not have any threat to water in this location. The clear blue sky looks very good in the background and you can clearly distinguish the color of the sky from the color of water which is in similar shades. The high resolution pack makes it very special and you can identify the difference in various shades easily without any problem. The wooden pillar in the middle of the picture indicates that this is a covered area in the beach front and you can get to relax and enjoy your time in this beautiful location. There appeas to be no threat of mobs in this picture. There is also a Faithful 64×64 version available.

Faithful 32x32 Inventory

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