Equanimity Texture Pack

Many people are bored with the same old look of the Minecraft world. This is why they do not like to spend a lot of time playing the game. Well, if this is your problem, then the Equanimity texture pack is the perfect solution to get rid of the boredom from the Minecraft game. This pack comes with the best water setting that you will come across in any of the Minecraft resource packs. It is not just the water, but the pack gives the Minecraft world a complete makeover and puts it in the modern league. There is nothing too detailed or basic about the textures used in Equanimity. They are very pleasing to the eyes and with the correct color combination and graphics, this resource pack is sure to be a hit among all the Minecraft enthusiasts. The resource pack is a 32x resolution pack and hence it can work on both low-end and high-end computers. This means that most of the Minecraft addicts can download this pack on their computers and play.

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What the Equanimity Pack offers?  

The creator of the Equanimity pack has put in a lot of effort and work behind in creating the textures of the pack to make them look real, modern and stylish. The Minecraft Texture Pack give the pack a completely modern day look and the highlights of the pack are the waters and the modern day buildings with greenery around. This simple, yet effective pack is an inspiration for other pack developers and to show everyone how great work can be done in the spare time. The pack is so well thought of and designed that there is not a single ugly element in it. It is very attractive and alluring to the eyes and this way you will be forced to spend a lot more time on the Minecraft and want to explore the world even more. Most of the textures in the pack are just upgrades of the standard textures.

Features of the Equanimity Pack

There are plenty of attractive features on offer in the Equanimity resource pack for Minecraft. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The blocks are so distinct and clear and neatly textured that they look very realistic and add modernity to the buildings. The blocks made of iron, gold, stone, coal, etc., have a metallic sheen and hence will stand out when they are used for construction purposes.
  • The wood blocks and the bricks are some of the best-designed textures in the pack and it will offer a modern look and feel to the homes. Anyone interested in buildings is surely going to like this texture pack. The four types of stone bricks are left unchanged in this pack.
  • All the blocks have got better detailing and also an increase in the depth of the field. Apart from this, there is also the introduction of the shadows to give it a more realistic feel and look.
  • There are also shaders included in the pack to give more for the die-hard Minecraft fans.
  • The pack comes with 32x resolution and this is 4 times more than the standard pack. This means that the blocks and items in the Minecraft game will look more real, solid, and clear and also have good detailing. With this, you will not be finding it difficult to locate the blocks or times that you are looking while playing.
  • Everything like mobs, items, terrain, GUI, armor, etc., are complete in this pack. It also supports 3D items.
  • This is the perfect pack suited for anyone interested in creating modern day buildings. It also helps in creating some of the older style stone buildings using the old stone blocks.
  • The colors used to differentiate the blocks and items are brighter and friendlier than what you get in the standard pack. This way identifying things will not be an issue at all. Some of the items and blocks can be spotted from far off distances easily.
  • The sword made of iron, wood, gold and diamond carry realistic colors and look like real weapons.
  • The violet colored fences add a very good color and contrast to the Minecraft world and goes well with the green textured grass.
  • The sound effects get an update and add to the game play.
  • All the doors have been changed and now have a 3D effect to it. They look modern. The furnace gets the 3D look.

Some of the additions made in the Equanimity resource pack are:

  • Bone Block.
  • Pumpkin Pie Update.
  • Ruby, Elytra and End Crystal.
  • Chorus Plant.
  • Prismarine Shard.

The Equanimity resource pack is also seeing regular updates and hence you will enjoy playing the Minecraft game even more. If you are impressed with what you have seen and read so far, then download the Equanimity resource pack on your computer and enjoy creating new buildings, the water world, and a realistic Minecraft world.

Download Equanimity Texture Pack

Download the Equanimity Texture Pack resource pack

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